Just Completed Coffee Shop For HMC Catering Services Ltd Lagos Nigeria

Materials/Anti-Rust treatment/ Base Fabrication

Base Fabrication

Erection of Sandwich Panel

Completed and Delivered to Client

Finally Clients Is Happy



School Renovation Work By BMHenry Building Construction and Enginnering Services Lagos Nigeria

Front View Before & Proposed Outcome After

Side View Before & Proposed Side View After

Classroom Before & Proposed Classroom After

Staircase Before & Proposed Staircase After

Toilet Before & Proposed Toilet After




Just Completed Entrance Walkway Canopy For French International School Lagos Nigeria

Setting out/Excavation for Stanchion Points In Progress

Excavation/Setting of 16mm Anchor Bolt

Erection of Stanchion/Other Steel Members

Anti-Rust Treatment/Painting & Roof Work Ongoing

Installation of Danpalon Sheet

Final Look

Video Of Final Look



Just Completed Portacabin For French International School Lagos Nigeria

Casting of Portacabin Plinth In Progress

Off Site Fabrication Of Portacabin Base, Anti-rust Treatment For All Steel Members, And Assembling Steel Base Onsite

Installation Of Panels

Installation Of Marine Board, Installation Of Ceiling Panel, Laying Of Tiles, Electrical First Fix, Window, Facial Cladding

Window Final Fix, Light Fittings, AC, Shelves, Temporary Cleaning

Roof Gutter Pipe Connections To The Existing Drainage System

Job Completed And Delivered

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